Thursday, 7 July 2016

Application Testing Administrations: the Significance of an Institutionalized Exam

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police sees thousands of applicants each year. Plenty of hopefuls, some completely new to the workforce, and others who have come from previous careers, make it to the first stages of the exam, ready to begin a career in law enforcement.
The association has partnered with Ontario-based Application Testing Services to provide a clear cut, standardized exam set that allows for each individual to have the best possible chance of success.

Why Standardize the Exam?

Standardize exams provide a fairer, unbiased way to take an exam. This is the preferred method of developing and grading a test for so many individuals, because it provides three essential components.

         Objectivity: Standardized exams give those judging the exams an accurate way to gauge the knowledge of each applicant. While this is a large exam base with little chance for subjectivity in judging and grading, a standardized test really removes any subjectivity in scoring the exams.
         Inclusivity: These exams are based on the basic knowledge each applicant should possess to be successful. As a result, standardized exams are inclusive and non discriminatory. It doesn’t matter where the applicant previously worked or the police knowledge the applicant possesses; the exam measures each individual’s ability to provide the appropriate responses.
         Comparability: Standardized exams allow the scorers to accurately judge, score and rank the exams. With similar questions of an equal weight and value in the exam, gauging the results is much easier with a standardized exam.

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